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Car Modification Techniques - Ignition System

Ignition system is another element of engine, includes spark plugs and ignition coils, the original configuration are one set of ignition coils.

The Performance ignition coils with high Performance conductive characteristics, it could generate a lot of high voltage power and timely transfer to the spark plugs. Spark plug is in the end of ignition system, taking the fire by electrodes to ignite the oil and gas after being mixed, then burning completely to push the piston work. The original configuration is to reduce the costs and make the minimum configuration. Replace the spark coils and spark plugs, the car’s throttle will be hard and start driving quickly.


Performance ignition coils for VolksWagen, BMW, Nissan, Audi are listed on . More engine parts are ready for you.

High Performance Nissan Skyline R34 RB25 NEO Stagea Cedric Grolia Laurel Ignition Coil Pack

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