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F1: Ferrari’s Boss Echoes Lauda’s Call for Rule Changes

Ferrari’s new boss Maurizio Arrivabene holds it that F1 needs a complete revolution if the sport is not going to lose more fans.


Just a few days ago, the legend driver Niki Lauda said that F1 was currently risking losing more and more fans, because the sport is unattractive now. And according to Lauda, he proposed that F1 should present its fans futuristic cars competing on the grid, with 1200bhp, wide tires and aerodynamic characteristics, which can deliver a steep power curve. And now, Arrivabene followed Lauda’s step, saying that he supports a dramatic overhaul too.


He said: “I've read what our friend Niki has to say: he's top of the class, whereas I'm sitting about four desks further back. I share Niki's view that Formula 1 needs to be more spectacular and I believe that the risk he evokes of the sport losing fans is something that has unfortunately already happened.”


Also, Arrivabene added that he would even like to see a car producing noise like a heavy metal band.


He said: “By 2017, I too would like to see cars that win over the fans, with cars that they can get closer to and that are aesthetically more appealing – maybe even producing a noise that gets your hair standing on end, like that produced by a heavy metal band. That was what it was like back in the day when Niki was racing and I was an enthusiastic fan, clutching my general admission ticket.”


In addition to this, Arrivabene stressed that more power was the key to a radical and effective change.


He said: “However, I don't think a simple evolution is enough in this case. Instead, a real revolution is called for, with significant and radical changes. By that I mean more power, higher speeds, not necessarily involving the use of more fuel, but definitely applying a cost reduction to those components that are of little interest to the general public.”


What’s more, Arrivabene suggested that F1 stage Thursday driver press conferences away from the paddock.


He said: “Being closer to the people actually involves taking F1 to the people, possibly holding the Thursday driver press conferences and team presentations of a grand prix weekend, outside the circuit in a public area. That way, the cities that host the races could provide the arena for a presentation of the drivers and cars, in a properly managed event.


“It is up to us to provide something better and to download a new format for Formula 1 as soon as possible. How likely are we to do it?”


Although the new Ferrari boss admitted that it required different thinking to address this issue, he noted that a global survey via TV and Internet can provide make all know what fans really want.


He said: “I know it wouldn’t be the usual way of going about things, but a global survey on the internet and via the TV companies would give us a real idea of what people want. In fact, even in this area of sport as entertainment, we should follow the trend of demand driving what's on offer."


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