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F1: Is Ferrari Ready for a Strong Comeback in 2015?

Having topped all three days of testing, the red prancing horse really shined during the first pre-season test in Jerez.


After his first test day in Jerez, Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen said: “The package is quite a bit better from where we finished last year. We’ve improved in all the areas.


“We have a lot of things to do and things to improve, but it's definitely a positive start and we have something to work with.”


Failing to win a grand prix, Ferrari truly suffered a disastrous F1 season last year. In addition to the poor performance, the Italian team has undergone a big change, with long-time president Montezemolo being replaced by Fiat boss Marchionne. Also, the team had three team principals last year, with the most recent Maurizio Arrivabene arriving in November. What’s more, the Spaniard Fernando Alonso was so impatient with slow cars made by Ferrari these years that he finally chose to switch to McLaren for his 2015 F1  season. Now, with Ferrari beating Mercedes in lap times, will Alonso regret for his leave for McLaren?


Indeed, even Nico Rosberg, the Mercedes driver, said that Ferrari was an eye-opener.


Rosberg said: “Ferrari has been an eye-opener for us in the last couple of days.”


However, Rosberg stressed that during the test in Jerez, Mercedes focused on mileage instead of lap times.


He said: “Our goals here are to do mileage, because last year our weakness was reliability so we have a big focus on that and to have a really reliable car this year because it cost us points and things like that last year. That's been the goal because it's important to see the problems now when you still have time before Melbourne. The problems you see in Barcelona, there's a shorter time to Melbourne so it's more difficult to solve them. Anything you find here is going to be easy to solve, or much easier.”


Also, speculations about Ferrari carrying less fuel to make quicker laps also arise. Well, let us look forward to the first grand prix in Australia next month.


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