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F1: Red Bull May Change its Nose Design

Red Bull Racing hinted that they could revise the nose of its 2015 cars.


Speaking of long nose used in Jerez testing, the team’s chief engineering officer Rob Marshall said: “Of the few different noses we tried, it's the one we like best at present.”


However, he added: “No doubt there'll be other ones in the future, and I'm sure other teams will be preparing other noses, wings and god knows what else. What you see on the first day of the first test isn't what we'll always roll out later on.”


It is true that the new regulations have left the teams facing a big headache about how to recoup the lost downforce. Although almost all have agreed that a short-style nose pioneered by Williams is the best choice, this design causes complications in passing the mandatory crash tests.


And Marshall also acknowledged that they started the design of the car late.


He said: “We had a number of different options, and we started our crash testing programme a while ago. We hit some problems and we needed to try some easier ones and some harder ones.


“In truth, we got [to Jerez] by the skin of our teeth - not because our crash testing programme didn't go very well, because it did - but because as usual we started on the design of the car very late.”


If we take a look at Williams, the team who has the most advanced nose of all F1 participants, we shall know they have met crashing test problems too. And Williams technical director Pat Symonds says he is quite satisfied with the solution they have come out to solve the problem.


He said: “It's the balance of getting a good aerodynamic solution and one that gets through a crash test as well.


“Our feeling was that aerodynamically we were running quite a short nose, but of course for an easy passage through the crash testing, a long nose makes life a lot easier.


“So there was a fair bit of balancing there. I'm very pleased with the solution we've got. It was a good one.


“So there was a fair bit of balancing there. I'm very pleased with the solution we've got. It was a good one.”


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