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F1: Williams Maintains Low Drag Trait

Williams says its new 2015 challenger has retained the low drag characteristics of its predecessor.


The Grove-based outfit delivered a good result last season, finishing in the third place of the constructors’ championship. And it has been keeping the 2014 champion Mercedes on its toes by regularly topping the speed trap figures with its FW36.


Despite the fact that Williams failed to turn that top speed into a win, the team believes their car trait was the right one to keep on its new challenger.


Williams technical director Pat Symonds said: “Our target drag levels we think we got pretty right last year.


“It gave us a very good racing car and, by the end of the season, we were also qualifying very well with it.”


Also, Symonds explained how the team have set their targets.


He said: “We set those sorts of targets through simulation. The simulation is redone not just year-to-year; it's a relatively continuous thing to check where we are.


“We followed that simulation in designing the FW36 and it served us well, so we pretty well kept with those techniques on FW37.”


Symonds was quite satisfied with all the car development made by the team. Nevertheless, he noted that competitiveness is a relative thing.


He said: “Competitiveness is a relative thing. We have certainly taken steps that I hope will move us forward, but I don't yet know what our competitors have done.”


Symonds expressed his hope as well. He said: “I hope that at least we start where we finished and our development rate last year was one of the things I was particularly proud of.


“We really did add a lot of performance to the car relative to our competitors. We are applying all the same philosophies to doing that, so yes we want to get in there and be fighting.”


Let’s hope that we will see an exciting F1 show this year!


Well, that is the end of the article. Hope you enjoy it!


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