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History Of Turbocharger

Turbo technology history
Car engine supercharged technology can be divided into supercharged and gas turbocharger, gas turbocharger technology is the most widely applied due to its higher energy efficiency. Speaking of turbo technology, it has more than 100 years of history. In 1905, Dr. Alfred Buchi applied the first turbocharger patent - powered axial turbocharger. In 1961, cars began to install supercharger tentatively, but because of the enormous pressure and heat generated instantaneously, so the effect is not ideal after installation. And from the Nordic Swedish company Saab is the first car manufacturer to apply turbocharger on automotive products. Saab 99 car listed in 1977, making the car engine in the application of turbo technology begin to mature, while saab turbo declared the birth of a new era in the automotive industry. Turbocharger technology has rewritten the traditional concept of "displacement size determines the power".

Turbocharged engine performance reflects
Equipped with a turbocharged engine car, it not only far more than in the same displacement of automotive products on power digital performance, but also it is better than the higher displacement in actual use. Such as: Saab equipped with 2.0-liter turbocharged engine on the latest Saab 9-3 Vector 2.0TS, it delivers strong staggering 155kW of power at 5300 rpm, this indicator has almost caught up with the ordinary cars 3.0 Displacement engine. To a certain extent, the power of four-cylinder engine generated is equivalent to the general six-cylinder engine, the advantage is clear, it do not need to spend a high cost to buy a big displacement car in order to pursue the high rate, and quieter when engine works, it has a great benefit to reduce vehicle weight, fuel consumption by using a lighter engine components. Environmentally friendly, lower emission standards are very important advantages of turbocharger. Because in today's increasingly serious pollution, a car manufacturer which has high sense of responsibility not only to meet customers' desire for car occupants, to ensure there is enough fun to drive, but also to protect the environment, create a good living space. Turbochargers just to meet the comprehensive requirements that improve fuel economy and reduce emissions while not to lose driving pleasure. Because turbocharger will provide more air for pressurized chamber, make thorough combustion and emissions cleaner. Especially the turbo engine can work effectively in the thin air at high altitude regions and cold regions. Saab is currently the world's only one car brand using turbocharger on full line of products.


Maxspeedingrods Featured Turbocharger and Saab Turbo:

1, GT1752 Turbo Saab 9-3 9-5 2.0L 2.3L 3.0T B205E B235E B235R B308E 452204-5005S Turbocharger

GT1752 Turbo Saab 9-3 9-5 2.0L 2.3L 3.0T B205E B235E B235R B308E 452204-5005S Turbocharger

2, TD04 Turbo Saab Viggen Aero 9-3 2.3L/ 9-5 2.0L B235R B253R 49189-01800 Turbocharger

TD04 Turbo Saab Viggen Aero 9-3 2.3L/ 9-5 2.0L  B235R B253R 49189-01800 Turbocharger

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