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How to Tune Your MazdaSpeed3?

MazdaSpeed3, a race legend created by Mazda’s in-house performance division MazdaSpeed, is widely pursued and admired by race lovers. Although the car is powerful enough, the pursuit for speed never dies. Thus, a problem arises: How can we make it more powerful? Well, let me explain it to you.


First, we should know the specific information of the car. The vehicle is front-wheel drive and powered by a 2.3 liter gasoline engine, which produces 263 horsepower and 280 1b-ft of torque. Thus, it becomes the company’s first hot hatchback since the BG Familia GT-X of the early 1990s. Besides, the MazdaSpeed has received numerous awards since its inception, winning Car and Driver’s ten Best list for 2007, 2008 and 2010. Indeed, it is recognized by a large crowd of people. However, the car does have its weakness, such as its weak factory turbocharger and its weak connecting rods. And now I will give you some advice about getting rid of the weakness of the car.


The first thing you need to do is getting yourself a decent turbocharger, which is good for up to 400whp on the MazdaSpeed DISI Motor. If you can get a turbo featuring a 10-blade compressor wheel and ball bearing center cartridge, it would be even better, for these turbos can provide quicker spool, lower BATS, and higher boost.


A larger intake is another step for upgrading your vehicle as the larger intake allows for more air to go through with less restriction.


Believe it or not, turbo manifold is really important for the whole tuning project. After all, you need a decent device to let more air go through the blade to make the turbo work at its maximum.


Last but not least, you had better get yourself some high-quality connecting rods. Since the turbo has been upgraded, the engine can produce more power now. Thus, the rods in the cylinder will have to work in a harsher environment, with far more pressure around. Therefore, I recommend that you choose the forged 4340 aircraft chrome moly steel connecting rods, with ARP 2000 bolts.


Well, if you want more information about high performance racing, you can contact Maxspeedingrods for help.

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