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Jenson Button Believes McLaren Won’t Have Another Tough Year in 2015

Despite a shaky start this year, with mileage aim having not fulfilled and teammate Alonso getting injured in the second pre-season test at Barcelona, McLaren’s Jenson Button still feels confident about the team’s performance this season.


Many people have been optimistic about the revived partnership between Honda and McLaren. Nevertheless, the renewed partnership has undergone many difficulties, continuing to endure problems with their all-new power unit. During the second pre-season test at Barcelona, the team was beset with a problematic seal on the MGU-K. Though the problem was identified on Day One and the redesigned part arrived in time for Day Three’s running, the problem has not been addressed, leaving Button’s MP4-30 breaking down on track in the morning.


Nonetheless, the buoyant driver Button still feels optimistic about the team’s prospects this season. He stresses that this year’s situation is totally different from that of last two years. Button said: “We are not in for another tough season – that is definitely not the case – but whether we are ready for the first race or not I can’t say right now. This is a very different situation to the last two years – the last two years we just weren’t quick enough, whereas now this is all very new for us.”


Also, the Briton notes that their rivals have had a lot of experience last year while Honda just enters the grid and is about to give its debut this time.


Button said: “It would be a very different situation if this was last year, I don’t think I would be sat here answering the same questions because most people would be in the same position.


“Everyone else has so much experience with these power units, whereas Honda obviously doesn’t. So it looks worse than it is, I would love to be pounding around every day that we have the car, but it is just not the case right now.


“There are problems which we need to solve and hope that the next test will be a good test for us in terms of mileage so that we feel confident going to the first race that we can get the best out of what we have and push the car to the limit.”


What’s more, the former world champion expresses his expectations of the team. He believes big improvements can be seen over the next nine months.


He said: “We are not going to have a race-winning car at the first race, but we might have one at the last race.


“I think you are going to see big improvements from us, we are all quite interested to see what this car can do because I think it has a lot of potential, but it is just very difficult to extract. It is tough for all of us and on the guys in the garage taking it apart and putting it back together, but we will solve these problems and hopefully soon.”


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