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Lewis Hamilton: Not in a Rush to Renew the Contract

Lewis Hamilton, the two-time world champion, insists that there is no need to rush a contract between him and Mercedes.


With Hamilton clinched his second title and Mercedes enjoying a dominant season last year, it seems that the Briton signing a new contract with the German manufacturer is ideal for both parties.


Nevertheless, the two-time world champion does not think so. At a sponsor event for IWC Schaffhausen in Geneva, Hamilton said: “As soon as I left the last race, I was at the factory for a couple of days, but I haven’t sat down with the team.”


However, he confirmed that both he and Mercedes wished to renew the contract.


He said: “But, again, we said last year we’re not in a rush. We’re relaxed. The team have acknowledged they want to continue with me and vice versa, so there is no stress.


“I’m comfortable and confident and trust that they’re not speaking to anyone else and they know that’s the case with me.”


Lewis Hamilton won 11 races last year, by far the best result he has ever delivered on the F1 grid. Nonetheless, the 30-year-old driver is adamant that there is still room for him to improve this year.


He said: “I don’t think about anyone’s expectations. For myself, naturally, and as an athlete I always want to be the best that I can be. So anything less than what I did last year is not going to be good enough.


“But I can be better. There are going to be 20 races this year, there were eight races that I didn’t win [in 2014], so you can always get better.


“I plan to drive the way I drove last year but hopefully with the knowledge and experience of last year and the growth, with turning 30 and everything. Whether it’s an inch, a foot, a metre or a mile, I want to try and make sure I’m always moving forward.”


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