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What Can We Learn from 2015 F1 Testing?

During the four days’ pre-season testing in Jerez, teams put on impressive performance on the grid. What can we learn from their performance? Now let me explain it to you.


Ferrari Fast

After having a disastrous F1 season last year, the Italian prancing horse aims at coming back with great power this year. Indeed, it is quick, or we should say it is too quick to believe, for the team’s average lap time over the whole test is 1.5 seconds quicker than anyone else’s. Thus, a leading engineer cried out: “I don’t know what Ferrari are up to – they are not going to be two seconds faster than Mercedes.”


Admittedly, If we look back on the past and deduct from basic engineer logic, this is definitely impossible. On one hand, a team as dominant as Mercedes would never lose its edge so quickly. On the other hand, a team who has suffered so much for the last five years, especially last year, can hardly claim the title this year. Well, how can we explain this miracle created by Ferrari? Actually, while Mercedes generally were doing 30 or 40 laps at a time, Ferrari did only about 10. As we all know, the longer the run, the more fuel the car will carry. And of course, the more fuel it carries, the heavier the car and the slower the car will go. Nevertheless, running the first for three of the four testing days might have proved that the Italian team has made a genuine step forward. Besides, sources have it that insiders say Ferrari has found at least 50bhp already since the end of last year and could have another 30bhp to add before the first grand prix in Australia this year. Well, let us hope that the prancing horse can close the gap to Mercedes this season.


McLaren Troubled

It seems not an auspicious start for McLaren since Alonso and Button completed only 79 laps over four days in Jerez. Indeed, the first two days were stricken by recurring electrical issues, and when these were fixed, other engine related problems arose. Thankfully, considering other teams had the same problem last year, a turbo hybrid V6 era, McLaren and its new partner Honda might not have had a terrible beginning. Although Button was 16.6km/h slower than the next slowest car on a dry road on the final day, which certainly was concluded by the team’s rivals that Honda was way down on power, McLaren said the car was running on 50% power for much of the day. In addition to this, chairman Ron Dennis also made it clear that there would be new and more developed engines for the second test. Let’s wish them a good luck!


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