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ARP Ultra Torque Assembly Lubricants For Conrods?
e Choose ARP Rods Bolts?
bocharger Be Damaged Easily?
ners Should Change The Oil Frequently And Maintain It In Time

Why Should to Modify Exhaust System?

A: Because the exhaust of original car is taking the grid layout style, it will limit the car's sound and horsepower, after exhaust modification, it turns to be straight, so the sound changed, In the meantime, it could enhance horsepower depending on the type of pipes. While the original car's exhaust is metal, it is easy to rust, tattered, the modified exhaust is made of stainless steel.


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High Performance Volkswagen VR6 12V 2.8/2.9L T3 T4 GT30-42 KKK K27-29 Turbo Exhaust Manifold

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