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Recently, news comes that two phone calls affected the Vettel so much that he was finally convinced to switch from Red Bull Racing to Ferrari.


Last year was quite a torture for Sebastian Vettel, the four-time world champion. Throughout the season, he failed to win a grand prix while he just had to see his teammate Daniel Ricciardo becoming the only non-Mercedes winner.


Nevertheless, the former champion has not been dwelling on the humiliating past. Instead, he chose to jump on a Ferrari challenger to start his 2015 season.


Well, though it seems natural for Vettel to join Ferrari after all the mist cleared, the truth is that two phone calls are what finally convinced the German to make the decision.


According to Maurizio Arrivabene, Ferrari team principal, the words from Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm has influenced Vettel a lot.


Arrivabene said: “Normally the team principal is never involved in the driver choice. In the case of Vettel, we were both aware when we were told officially that Fernando was leaving the team around Sochi and the name of Vettel was going around but the situation was unclear. I put a phone call in to a person I know and that he knows very well – it's Sabine Kehm, the manager of Michael.


“Sabine called Sebastian. Sebastian had some doubt, he was asking 'what about Ferrari, I don't know the team'. Sabine described the atmosphere that she found at the time of Michael and said it's a great team, it's like a family and Seb was listening.”


Apart from this phone call, Arrivabene acknowledged that without the subsequent phone call from Segio Marchionne, chairman of Ferrari, the former world champion might not have been a Ferrari man now.


Arrivabene said: “The phone which made the difference after this phone call was from Sergio Marchionne. Without that phone call Sebastian would probably not be here with us. This is the truth.”


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