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Ferrari thinks the appearance of the F1 car is important for the development of sport.


The decreasing popularity has perplexed F1 for some time. And according to Ferrari, to make the car look better will attract more teenagers to watch F1 competition. Thus, the team recently released two images of a cool F1 car, claiming that the look can be achieved with minimal changes to the technical regulations. Nevertheless, F1 Commission voted not to make any regulatory changes to the aesthetics of the car until 2017.


Maurizio Arrivabene, Ferrari team principal, notes that that car is a provocation to encourage other teams to make a similar effort.


He said: “That car was a provocation. A provocation that is not far away from the reality we can achieve in the future. I’m expecting other teams to produce their own view because without talking about ‘my car is better than yours’ or ‘we were doing this before you’, this is crazy.


“I’m going to ask every team to try to produce a concept car. In this way we are going to move something, stabilize the situation as it is. That was a provocation.


Also, Arrivabene praised the look of the F1 concept car. He said: “I said at the end of January when we unveiled the car, I said it looked sexy. Everybody talking about it said it looked sexy - it came out of the mouth like this. It was easy for me to say 'bella' or 'it's cool', that sentence came out of my heart from the mouth.”


Besides, in Arrivabene’s mind, F1 must vie for the attentions of the youngsters and make the sport a far more exciting product than the video games.


He said: “Other competitors we have are other cars on a video game. If you are asking guys who are 18 years old if they prefer to play one hour on a video game, he’ll prefer to do that than watch a grand prix. This is our competitor so the look of a car is very important.”


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